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Mail Boxes and Keys

All mailboxes are in a rack (aka Mail Station) located on the right-hand side of Cerromar Drive, just a short distance after entering the community and across from the flag pole.   Mailbox numbers do not relate to house numbers.  Mailboxes are the property of the Association and not the U.S. Postal Service.   If you were given a mailbox key from your prior homeowner when you purchased your home, you’d need to meet with the Postal carrier at the Mail Station so that they can put your name into the appropriate box, and if you are not sure which package is yours, they can show you which box is yours.  If you do not have or have lost your mailbox key, you must contact the main Post Office (350 West Venice Avenue, Venice), and they can assist you with a new or replacement key for a nominal charge.  

When the day’s mail has been delivered, the letter carrier will place the small American flag atop the mail station in the appropriate place representing the current day.  This indicates that the mail has been delivered.

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