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Gate Access

Screen Shot 2021-12-12 at 6.14.12 PM.png

For the access process for the gate, input your four (4) digit code. Instructions appear on the face of the access box.  There are no swipe cards.  Every homeowner is issued one clicker.  If you have a clicker that does not work, it can be exchanged for a new one at the AMI office.  Additional clickers can be purchased for $25.


Access for Guests/Contractors

Guests or contractors will look up your last name on the box using the arrows.   The phone will ring (according to the number you have selected – see below), and you will press “9” to open the gate for your guests/contractors.  Contractors who come into the community regularly can be assigned their codes to facilitate access to the community.  Contact AMI to present your request.  We do ask that you not share your codes with anyone. 


Gate Access Number

We now have a cell phone telecommunication with our new Gate Access system, you can either enter your (941) area code landline programmed into the system, or if you would like, you can have your cell phone number be the number your guests call when using the Gate Access System Directory, regardless of area code.  The system can handle two (2) cell numbers, with the call rolling from the primary to a secondary number.  If you want to make such a change, contact Erin Plautz at AMI (

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