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The entry gates leading into our community are closed 24/7. To gain access through the gate, homeowners have several means by which they can open the gates. The first is to input your four (4) digit code as indicated on the instructions displayed on the access system screen. The second is to use a "clicker." If you do not have a clicker or if the one you have needs to be replaced, new ones can be purchased at the AMI office for $25. You can also open the gates using your automobile's "HomeLink" feature. This will require programming - consult your vehicle's Owners Handbook. Please note that swipe cards are not used for access.

Guests or contractors seeking access should locate your last name on the access box using the arrow buttons. The system will then initiate a phone call to the number you have specified (as outlined below). To grant access to your guests or contractors, press "9." Contractors who require regular access to the community can be assigned their access codes for convenience; please get in touch with AMI to submit your request. We kindly request that you refrain from sharing your access codes with anyone.

Regarding the Gate Access Number:

If you plan on having a party at your home, rather than having the gates locked open, we ask that you contact the AMI office and provide them with the party date and your guests' arrival time. AMI can provide you with a “Party Code” that you can provide your guests that will give them access to the community. They can access the community one (1) hour before your indicated arrival time and one (1) hour after. The code will then automatically be deleted. Requests for such a code must be made at least three (3) business days before your party date.

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