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Residential Alarm Registration

Many, if not all of us, have electronic security systems in our homes.  Sarasota County Ordinance #97-115 applies to property located in unincorporated Sarasota County only. It mandates that the Sheriff’s Office must be provided with the names and addresses of two (2) key holders in households separate from the address of the alarm system.  If an actual break-in or damage to the property has occurred when the homeowners are away, the contact people would be notified and asked to respond to secure the premises.  (Contacts must be able to respond within thirty (30) minutes.)   County Commissioners took this action to remedy the excessive number of false alarms that occur each year and have become taxing on law enforcement.  


A registration form must be completed and filed with the Department’s Crime Prevention/Alarms Section. Once registered, you will receive a decal with a reference number for your residence.  This decal must be placed near your front door and visible to a Sheriff’s Deputy.  For further information, contact the Sheriff’s Crime Prevention/Alarms section at 941-861-4084.

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